Gain for the Telecom Industry with Big Data

How is Big Data beneficial to the Telecom Industries? During this stagnant growth phase of the telecom industry, every operator is finding new ways to grow and find profits. But the question lies in how many telecom industries use this technology of big data.

The main key which operators have is data. With this data they can find more correlations and connections and analyzing this would help them in better growth of their company. With rigorous and iterative analysis, the right business process can be identified and targeted marketing and promotions can be done.

Most of the telecom operators conduct analytic programs which are done by utilizing the internal data to boost the network efficiency, customer segmentation and increase profitability. But the potential of big data poses a different challenge: how to combine much larger amounts of information to increase revenues and profits across the entire telecom value chain, from network operations to product development to marketing, sales, and customer.

Big data can solve the following issues in the Telecom Industry:
1. By analyzing network traffic in real time routing and quality of service can be optimized.
2. Identify fraudulent behavior immediately by analyzing call data records in real time.
3. Allowing call center reps to flexibly and profitably modify subscriber calling plans immediately.
5. Location-based and social networking technologies marketing campaigns.
6. Using customer behavior and usage patterns to develop new services and products.
7. Improve the cross selling of the operators.

Big data offers telecom operators to gain a complete picture of their customers and their operations which would lead to improving their operations. Big data leads to an unconventional growth of the organization. The operators that can incorporate new strategies into their organizational DNA will gain a real competitive advantage over their slower rivals.